Supporting Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Businesses

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Sector Statistics

In 2016-17 there were 205 claims totalling £10M through the SME scheme supporting Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing businesses. In addition to these, there were a mere 10 claims totalling less than £5M through the RDEC (Large Company) scheme. There were also a further 30 claims also totalling less than £5M from SMEs claiming thorough the RDEC scheme*.

* SMEs may claim through the RDEC scheme where they have activities which are not eligible for the SME scheme. This may include R&D subcontract work for large businesses, and projects / activities which are grant funded.

245 claims made in 2016-17

Average Claim Value = £40,816

Total amount paid by HMRC = £10M

Typical projects supporting Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing businesses may include the developments of methods to increase crop yields or eliminate / reduce crop disease, improvements to existing technical products, and technical processes to make your operations more productive.

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