R&D Tax Credits Workshops

Helping your clients maximise their claims

Our Group R&D Tax Credits Claims support workshops help any number of your clients to prepare their claims in a workshop environment. This is ideal for any membership based organisation or scheme, as well as ERDF and other funded support programmes.

The overall package includes the identification / profiling of ideal companies, pre-workshop information to maximise the effectiveness of the session, a single day R&D claim workshop (which identifies further activities for the clients) and follow up options to finalise the claim, including phone support and a drop-in surgery.

Provide support to multiple clients in a single workshop environment

Claims finalised through 1-1 phone / Skype calls and drop-in sessions

No hidden fees to clients - all attendees receive a full claim report

If you’re interested in our R&D Tax Credits Workshops and want to know more, scroll to the bottom of this page and contact us for our free, no commitment, chat.


We’re always going to wax lyrical about our R&D Tax Credits service because we’re extremely proud of the system we’ve created. So why not listen to what our clients have to say about us instead?


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