Fast fixed fee R&D Claims

The ways we can work together

We offer a range of fast, fixed fee R&D claims options, depending upon various factors including your specific requirements and the size of your potential claims.


What remains constant are our processes, which ensure the highest quality every step of the way, with clients ranging from sole entrepreneurs through to multi-million turnover international businesses.

Our Packages

Single R&D Tax Credit Claims

Our benchmark programme – we help you understand the R&D Tax Credit scheme, identify & develop your claim, and compile your final claim report

R&D Tax Credit Workshops

Help your clients understand R&D Credits and complete their claim in a group workshop with 1-1 follow up support. Ideal for incubators and ERDF funded projects.

Radar365 Annual Support

Our platinum programme helps you understand how to structure your activities to maximise your claim. Includes training, reviews, unlimited support and final claim.

Our Simple 5-Step Process

Our individual claims follow a simple, 5-step process. This is fundamental to the way in which we’re able to offer a top quality service in a reduced time, and at a better price than most of our competitors. We also offer group and annual support programmes based on the same philosophies, with minor adaptations.


If you’re on a desktop browser scroll over each of the images below, or if you’re on a mobile device just tap on each image to find out more about each step. 


We’re always going to wax lyrical about our fast fixed fee R&D claims because we’re extremely proud of the system we’ve created. So why not listen to what our clients have to say about us instead?


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