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R&D Claims for software

R&D Tax Claims for Software Projects   A while back, I wrote a blog about a client who’s accountant had filed a claim for software development. Their activities were totally ineligible, as they weren’t sufficiently technically challenging. I’ve just got back from a claim meeting with a new client who develops software. It’s great to say that the HMRC guidelines are now clearer than ever. They act as a great …

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maximise your research and development tax credit

You can reap benefits when you maximise your research and development tax credit claim   Money makes the world go around – and its no different with research and development. However, while most people think about the long term commercial benefits, there is something a little closer to home which brings a more immediate return. When you learn how to maximise your research and development tax credit claim, the benefits …

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Research and Development

Research and Development is key in developing new ideas which help you jump and stay ahead of the chasing pack. It’s not as hard as you think, and you’re probably doing a lot of the right things already.      Every day, you and your team probably address a range of technical challenges from which you learn – this is Research and Development. You apply these lessons to work you …

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Eligible Activities for an R&D Tax Claim

Every job requires a specific level of knowledge and competence. If you use the wrong tool, you can destroy something beyond repair. So who do you trust completing your R&D Claim?     When happens when you have help from the wrong people when completing your R&D claim? I had a recent client experience which was somewhat eye-opening. They had performed some fabulous work, but it simply didn’t meet the …

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disruptive business models

Disruptive business models challenge the current ways of working, and threaten significant change.     When you develop disruptive business models, the “disruption” typically happens in two places. Firstly, the target beneficiaries need to change their working ways in order to achieve the benefits. However the major disruption comes to the traditional practitioners in the associated arena. These businesses tend to meet the change with negativity. This is through their fear …

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solve technical problems

SME’s are on average £47k better off every year because they claim money back through R&D Tax Credits. Claims can now be completed within an hour!      If you address technically challenging problems – whether successful or not – you should be asking “can I claim money back”? If you don’t know, we can answer this question for you with a quick, free call.     The hard, cold facts …

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